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SNC Lavalin

SNC-Lavalin Australia Pty Ltd

SNC-Lavalin’s success is based on the world class expertise of its people. The ability to pool our wealth of knowledge and provide comprehensive solutions for our clients has made us one of the worlds leading engineering and construction firms and a key player in the ownership and management of infrastructure. SNC-Lavalin has the flexibility and experience to undertake projects of any size and duration. Whether it is a large project spanning several years or a small contract requiring only a few days work, SNC-Lavalin has the expertise to meet every client’s requirements.

SNC-Lavalin is an acknowledged leader in designing, engineering and constructing facilities for mining, mineral processing, pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical facilities. SNC-Lavalin has globally recognized capability in the fields of aluminium, alumina, nickel, cobalt, magnesium and mineral sands processing and has built some of the world’s largest mining and metallurgy projects including many of the major aluminium smelters constructed and under construction worldwide.

SNC-Lavalin Australia has operations in both Perth and Brisbane, bringing SNC-Lavalin's global expertise to local markets throughout Australia. SNC-Lavalin Australia has been involved in due diligence studies, feasibility studies, front end engineering and design and detailed design of projects for the recovery of gold, nickel, cobalt, zirconia, aluminium and magnesium.

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