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HESTA Super Fund


HESTA is the national industry super fund for health and community services. With 650,000 members, $13 billion in assets and 60,000 employers, HESTA looks after the superannuation requirements for more Australians than any other fund specialising in the health and community services industry. HESTA also has low fees, and members have access to extra benefits such as low cost income protection and death insurance, the convenience of portability, discount health insurance, low cost home loans and banking products, and financial planning services from advisers who are not paid commissions. Everything we do at HESTA is aimed at enhancing our members' retirement savings. By using more than 20 professional investment managers, HESTA aims to provide the strong returns that both employers and members are looking for. HESTA is managed by Chief Executive Officer, Anne-Marie Corboy.

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H.E.S.T. Australia Limited | ACN 006 818 695 | AFSL No. 235249 | RSE L0000109

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