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A E Haighs Pty Ltd

Haigh's Chocolates. Established 1915.

The name Haigh’s has been synonymous with fine chocolates since 1915 and we are very proud to be the oldest family-owned chocolate manufacturing retailer in Australia.

Our company was founded in Adelaide, South Australia by Alfred E Haigh and has been successfully run by his son Claude, grandson John, the present chairman, and great-grandsons Alister and Simon, who are joint managing directors.

John Haigh introduced the traditions of European fine chocolate-making after studying at Lindt and Sprungli in Switzerland in the 1950s. Today, we continue to manufacture in our Adelaide factory, which has recently been expanded and upgraded.

We currently have over 300 employees and 13 retail stores - six in Adelaide, six in Melbourne and one in Sydney.

You will find our product range wide and varied from tablets of pure chocolate to hand dipped truffles and superb 1.25 kg presentation boxes.

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