Company profile

Dream Education


Dream Education has two UK based offices. The first benefits from an office adjacent to Leicester Square in London. The second is situated in Halifax, West Yorkshire. In addition we also have overseas offices in Cape Town, Brisbane and Sydney, and virtual offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Durban, Johannesburg, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Dream Education is an innovative, solutions-focused education recruitment company, placing UK and overseas-qualified teachers in school positions throughout the UK. We provide technology-driven solutions to help teachers find the right job and to assist schools to solve their staffing needs.

Under the direction of Geoff Brown,Dream Education has over 15 years’ experience in recruiting teachers for schools in the UK. Dream Education works in conjunction with the relevant government and professional bodies that regulate the UK recruitment industry including the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department for Education and Skills.

Becoming a Dream teacher

All our teachers, whether UK or overseas-based are required to complete our stringent vetting and registration process. This includes providing documentation including:

· An application form
· A minimum of two recent, relevant professional references
· A police check from their country of origin (UK applicants are being processed against the DFES guidelines)
· Written declaration of any criminal convictions
· A health declaration
· Original proof of identity (America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand: passport or birth certificate or driving license; UK, South Africa: passport or birth certificate)
· Sight of original teaching qualification
· Original documents proving change of name (marriage certificate, change of name by deed poll)

Central to being accepted onto the Dream Education register, all candidates are required to attend a face to face interview. The interview is divided into two sections, professional and personal and there is set criteria that the teacher is required to respond to for each.

The professional side of the interview covers classroom management, differentiation, planning (both long-term and day-to-day) understanding of teaching styles, equal opportunities, and assessment. In addition the interviewee is questioned about their previous teaching experience, their perception of their successes and the areas they wish to improve in.

Within the personal section of the interview we discuss why the teacher is interested in joining an agency and what they wish to gain from their next teaching experience. If they are an overseas trained teacher, we discuss previous experiences where they have had to deal with change management and stressful situations. We also discuss the service the teacher is looking for from an agency so we can identify whether they will be suited to permanent of long term contract work in the UK.

If a candidate passes all aspects of the registration process described above, they are accepted onto the Dream Register and we will start to look for work for them.

Ongoing Support

Professional support

Dream Education employs more consultants per head of teacher’s placed than other agencies. This means that no consultant has more than 40 teachers that they are responsible for. The industry norm is to manage 60-100 teachers. Dream Consultants speak to all of their teachers every week. This gives us the opportunity to confirm that everything is going well and to deal with any issues that may arise. All of our teachers attend an induction course prior to them being placed in schools. The induction course is organized to ensure that all our teachers begin their first teaching role in the UK with a clear introduction to the English Education system and specific knowledge issues within their subject specialisms. Ongoing training throughout the year that is free of charge to the teachers supports our induction course.

In addition to this training, overseas trained teachers are given ‘homework’ to do prior to arriving in the UK on the National Curriculum. Dream Education visits all our teachers in their school to support their integration and to ensure that the Headteacher is comfortable with their progress. Finally we have a resources centre in our office which offers free phone lines, Internet access and a wealth of resources for the teacher’s professional support.

Personal support

Social Events – we hold regular social events for our teachers once they have been accepted on to our register. We have a party for them in their home countries before they depart for the UK so that they have a chance to meet other teachers before they travel to the UK. We also have regular parties in the UK for our teachers to create a social community for them.

Airport collection – we collect our teacher’s from the airport on their arrival to the UK if they need it.

Accommodation support – we are the only agency to work in partnership with UNITE, housing for key workers. Dream Education teachers have access to this housing, which is considerably subsidized.

Bank account – we arrange an account for them prior to the teacher’s departure from their home country.

Weekly pay – unlike many other agencies that pay fortnightly, we pay weekly in arrears.

Regular newsletters – informing our teachers of training social events, changes at Dream and social suggestions.